Lincolnshire could be hit by drought set to trouble whole country according to experts

Lincolnshire Echo Online (17 June 2014)

Lincolnshire could be set for a drought, according to Met Office experts.

Following the wettest winter on record, weather experts have warned that a “prolonged dry spell” means Britain may now need to prepare itself for drought.

As experts announce that no rain is expected for the next week and a half, the Met Office has added that the dry spell may continue after this period.

In the UK, an absolute drought describes a 15-day period in which each day’s rainfall remains below 0.2mm.

He added that while the situation is being monitored, measures to combat a potential drought have not yet been discussed, with no plans for a hosepipe ban as of yet.

The news comes as temperatures are set to fall into the teens once again this weekend, meaning some parts of Britain will feel cooler than in recent days.

It is predicted that most of the sunshine will be enjoyed in the South West.

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