Lincoln shop relocates due to train barrier down time ‘killing’ trade

Lincolnshire Echo Online (16 June 2014)

Green’s Health Foods in Lincoln is moving to new premises because the owner says train barrier down time has “killed us”.

The store relocates from 175 High Street to 2 St Mary’s Street on Tuesday, June 17.

The relocation follows owner Karen Boulton’s concerns that work on a planned footbridge over the crossing will further disrupt business.

She said: “We get so many people saying they were going to call in but the crossing was shut so they didn’t.

Construction of the High Street footbridge will see the demolition of shop buildings begin in October with the construction of the bridge itself starting in January 2015 – a year after planning permission was granted.

Work on another footbridge, in Lincoln’s Brayford Wharf East, is expected to begin in September.

The bridges are estimated to cost Network Rail a total of £10 million.

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