Students’ Big Walk for Ghana

Exeposé News Issue 625, Page 4 (3 June 2014) and Exeposé News Online (7 June 2014)

Two first year Exeter students are set to walk almost 160 miles to raise funds for this year’s International Project.

Alex Hills and Roman Christoforou are taking part in the International Project, run by Community Action in conjunction with KickStart Ghana.

The project will see a team of ten students conducting an approximately 30-day programme of sports and education in the township of Ho, in Ghana’s Volta region. The team have already begun organising, training and fundraising for the trip, with £14,000 needing to be raised for the project to go ahead.

As part of their fundraising, Hills and Christoforou plan to walk from their accommodation at the University to Halesowen in the West Midlands, where the former lives. With a fundraising target of £3,500, the pair hope to complete the walk within nine days, setting off from the University on Tuesday 10 June.

Speaking about why the pair are getting involved, Hills told Exeposé: “I believe the International Project is a brilliant project in that it gives people the opportunity to realise more of their potential. By serving the young Ghanaians we meet through the programme, we can inspire them to see more of the ability they have within them and we can encourage them to dream!”

Christoforou added: “this project stood out from others that I’ve heard about in both what we would actually do and the length of time we’ll be there.
“Hopefully we’ll be able to make a difference… It’ll be something new.”

Hills told Exeposé: “I figure doing something a bit ‘out there’ makes people sit up and notice and encourages them to donate.” He said that the pair have “had a really good response so far” but are still approximately £1,500 short of their £3,500 target.
Jak Curtis-Rendall, VP Participation & Campuses, said: “KickStart Ghana is an inspiring project that makes a life-changing difference to communities in Ghana.
“The project requires genuine dedication from its volunteers and Alex and Roman’s fundraising efforts demonstrate the sheer commitment of our Community Action members. I wish them the very best of luck and a safe journey.”

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Issue 625, Page 4 (News)


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