RAG total over £100,000 in a year

Exeposé News Issue 622 (18 March 2014) and Exeposé News online (18 March 2014)

With Exeter’s Raise and Give Society celebrating raising over £100,000 for its supported charities this year, Friday 7 March saw the Exeter RAG Awards recognising some of the key contributors to the society’s fundraising efforts.

The RAG Awards, sponsored by The Old Firehouse, invited everyone involved with fundraising at the University to come together and celebrate the year’s successes. Attended by RAG members, sponsors, charities, adventure companies, Guild staff, Sabbs and societies who have contributed to RAG’s work this year, the ceremony at Reed Hall was described by RAG Officer Henry Bowles as “a huge success massively surpassing our expectations”.

Bowles noted: “The evening was kindly sponsored by Old Firehouse who have generously supported RAG in various fundraising ventures this year”.

With the Prohibition Ball receiving the STA Travel UK award for Most Innovative Event, Natalie Rubner was awarded the Exeter Printworks sponsored award for Event Manager of the Year, while 17+ School of Motoring’s Newcomer of the Year was awarded to Javaria Burki, and Exeter Islamic Society received the RAG Society Award, sponsored by Wasteland Ski.

The RAG Award, sponsored by The Old Firehouse, was awarded to RAG Officer Henry Bowles, who told Exeposé: “Immi [Bodimeade, RAG Officer] and I are so grateful to everyone who has been involved in RAG this year. The effort everyone has put in has culminated in a fantastic total raised which will make a huge difference to lives across the world”.

Over the 24 weeks between September 2013 and March 6 this year, RAG has raised a total of £103, 034.38. The largest contributor to this sum has been the £42,102.56 raised so far for Hope for Children, by Exeter students climbing Kilimanjaro this summer. Other successful events have included last autumn’s “Movember” campaign, raising a total of £13,708, while the inaugural Prohibition Ball, winner of RAG’s Most Innovative Event award, raised over £5,433.

RAG’s Hitchhike to Amsterdam raised in excess of £3,226, while ongoing fundraising campaigns include RAG’s Jailbreak, which so far has raised over £8,421, and RAG Runs RockSolid, with figures in excess of £7,860.

£706 has also been raised by weekly pub quizzes held by RAG in The Ram every Monday at 8pm, welcoming not only RAG members but all students to take part.

With other fundraising events including Children in Need, Gorilla Trek, Poppy Appeal, Freshers Week events and Halloween Hobble, RAG’s newly elected Presidents Alex Hawkes and Harry Calvin Williams noted the work done by this year’s RAG committee as “outstanding: not only in raising an incredible amount of money for our charities, but also in raising the profile and popularity of RAG at Exeter University. There is no doubt we have some big shoes to fill, however, we have a fantastic committee with us to really take RAG forward in building on such a successful year”.

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Issue 622, Page 2 (News)


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