Student travel survey launched

Exeposé News Issue 619, Page 5 (4 February 2014) and Exeposé News online (14 February 2014)

The University of Exeter’s annual student travel survey has recently gone live. Offering participants the chance to win a £20 Amazon voucher, the survey gathers information on how students travel between accommodation and campus, as well as between their home and term-time addresses.

Data from previous surveys, alongside details on ways to reach the University, and further information about sustainable travel can be found on the University’s Sustainable Travel webpages.

In previous years, the survey has revealed that the majority of students use sustainable modes of transport, with 82 per cent walking, 7 per cent cycling, and 4 per cent utilising public transport when travelling to the University.

However, the importance of safety regarding student cyclists has been highlighted, with students being reminded that cycling on public road, – including on campus – without cycle lights and reflectors after dark, is both dangerous and illegal. Students are also advised to wear high visibility clothing, and to increase their personal safety by not using mobile phones or headphones whilst cycling.

To avoid a £50 fine, students are reminded to stop at all red lights, and not to ride on pavements. The University sells discounted LED lights for £8 per set, and silver-rated D locks for £15 from Campus Services Reception, Streatham Farm, to encourage students to consider their safety and security whilst cycling.

Rebecca Webb, Travel Plan Coordinator, stated that student safety is taken ‘very seriously’, emphasising the necessity that ‘everyone has the right advice and information to enable them to cycle safely’.

Alongside information on the Sustainability website, she highlighted events run throughout the year with trained cycle instructors, travel advisors and local police officers, which offer students useful advice. Webb added: “Our bicycle user group (Unicycle) has over 650 members, and I would encourage anyone interested in cycling to join and learn more about the events we run, and the information we provide. You can sign up online or follow us on Twitter @UniofExCyclists”.

A free Dr Bike session, free cycle security marking, and the sale of discounted lights and cycle locks will be offered to students during Go Green Week, running from Monday 10 to Friday 14 February, as part of events being run by the Sustainability Team and the Students Green Unit. Any student wishing to find out more about these events, and about safe and sustainable travel, is advised to contact Rebecca Webb, Travel Plan Coordinator.

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Issue 619, Page 5 (News)


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