Students start petition to renew University lecturer’s contract

Exeposé News Issue 615, Page 4 (12 November 2013) and Exeposé News online (12 November 2013)

A petition has been set up to push for the renewal of Dr Matthew Hayler’s contract with the College of Humanities.

The renewal of the popular academic’s contract is currently under question by the College. The petition, currently running on the Students’ Guild Have Your Say webpage, voices concerns that the modules Dr Hayler convenes may be unavailable to future students if his contract is not renewed.

Heather Tarplee, English Society Co-President, told Exeposé: “Every English student that I’ve spoken to is dismayed at the prospect of Matt leaving. He’s a favourite with everyone and I’ve regarded him as a crucial member of staff since the beginning of my studies”.

Francesca Platt, English Society Academic Secretary, noted: “Matt’s modules and his teaching interests are some of the most forward-thinking areas of study for English students at Exeter”, adding, “it would be a shame for us to lose one of the department’s most innovative lecturers”.

When contacted, Dr Hayler told Exeposé: “I’m really humbled by the whole thing, and if it contributes to my being able to stay at Exeter then I’m beyond grateful”, expressing his “huge thank you to anyone who has signed the petition”.

Dr Hayler emphasised that the support “means a lot, whatever the final outcome”, voicing hopes that his research and teaching “have a place at Exeter”, and promising that if his contract is renewed he will continue to teach in “as accessible and interesting a way as I can”.

Alex Louch, VP Academic Affairs, said: “Matt is a fantastic teacher, and the incredible number of nominations which he has received in the teaching awards clearly illustrates how important he is to Exeter. The petition actions me to lobby the department to renew Matt’s contract, and that is what I will do in the current weeks, to make sure that when decisions on the contracts are made Matt is fully considered, so that one of Exeter’s best teachers doesn’t go elsewhere”.

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Issue 615, Page 4 (News)


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